Sony specs StarOffice on European PCs

C|Net is reporting that Sony has become the latest PC manufacturer to drop Microsoft Office in favor of an alternative office suite.
By the end of the year, Sony will include version 6.0 of StarOffice on most consumer desktop PCs sold in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, according to Sun. Microsoft's Works package is currently used on most of those PCs.
It's interesting to note that Sony seems to be dictating which PCs get StarOffice more on the basis of where those PCs will be sold than anything else. Are Europeans more open to office suite alternatives than their North American counterparts?

I only have limited experience with alternatives to Microsoft Office, particularly because educational discounts make the package pretty cheap, so I can't really comment on StarOffice's capabilities. Is it the best alternative to Microsoft's Office suite, or do others, like OpenOffice, offer superior functionality and compatibility, and prettier spreadsheet graphs?

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