Friday night topic: Freedom and security

The new realities posed by terrorist threats creates problems that cut crossways in the traditional political landscape. For example, who knew Dick Armey's tenure in Congress would end like it has? The San Francisco Chronicle reports:
Departing House Majority Leader Dick Armey warned that the nation must guard against the "awful, dangerous seduction" of sacrificing freedom for safety in the fight against terrorism.

It is no small irony that this Republican conservative firebrand is ending his 18-year House career as Washington's premier defender of individual freedom against alleged incursions by the Bush administration.

And no less ironic, perhaps, is his praise for the San Francisco woman he battled in many a floor fight -- Rep. Nancy Pelosi -- who now assumes the leadership of House Democrats.

Armey has a job offer from the ACLU—of all things.

So how do we balance personal liberty and public security? Which is more threatened, our lives or our liberty? Discuss.

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