I watched the extended DVD version of The Fellowship of the Ring this weekend, and I was impressed. The extra 30 minutes of footage, which are spread out throughout the movie, really pull the story together and make sense out of some things. I hadn't thought the original cut of the film was rushed or lacked cohesion until I saw this new edition. It's much better. Some of the new transition scenes let the audience catch its breath and process what's happening, and as a result, this cut "feels" more like Tolkien's book. I can't wait 'til Christmas 2004, when I will lock myself in a (home theater) room for 11 straight hours of extended-edition Rings-watching madness.

I also enjoyed watching my KC Chiefs put the hurt on the St. Louis Rams, 49-10. KC has won its last two games by a combined total of 98-10. Priest Holmes and the gang are primed for their playoff run. Now all we have to do is not lose another game 'til next fall.

In site-related news, the new server is getting ready to ship off to our new hosting provider, after I pick from one of several good hosting offers. I can't wait to see how this new box handles the load.

Meanwhile, Diss's RAID article set a new single-day TR traffic record, stealing the crown away from Andy's sound card round-up. Me, I'm just the janitor.

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