Gateway to sell excess computing power

PCs in retail outlets usually sit almost idle, running demos or screensavers that often don't even begin to tap a system's available computational resources. Gateway, however, isn't prepared to let these CPU resources go unused. They're going to be running a distributed computing client on their retail PCs, but this isn't an altruistic endeavor. C|Net reports:
The PC maker is teaming with distributed-computing start-up United Devices to sell the combined computing power of its PCs to companies on a per-hour basis. Gateway plans to charge 15 cents per PC per hour to companies that want to marshal the computational resources of the latest Gateway desktops.
Though Gateway can't be commended for selflessly donating computer time, it's interesting to see that they're trying to at least make a few token dollars by selling CPU time to a distributed computing effort.

At this point, I have to wonder just how successful you'd be selling your own spare CPU cycles. I can't imagine that many distributed computing efforts would be willing to pay individual users for their donated CPU time, but teams might have better luck. In time, we could all end up earning a little extra cash on the side from distributed computing.

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