VIA releases Envy24PT

VIA has released the Envy24PT audio controller for integrated audio applications. The Envy24PT should have what it takes elevate integrated audio above the "bearable" level. Check it out:
For the last two years, VIA has been developing high-end audio solutions to meet the growing demands of increasingly entertainment centric PCs. The VIA Envy24PT is the latest addition to VIA's Envy line of Audio Controllers supporting up to 24-bit resolutions and 96kHz sample rates for an enhanced listening experience. Enabling 8-channel outputs, the VIA Envy24PT can support the latest DVD-Video Dolby Digital EX® and DTS ES® soundtracks for enhanced flyover effects, as well as having 4 simultaneous inbound channels. Like all Envy24 controllers, the VIA Envy24PT is designed to pass audio as cleanly and clearly as possible, bit-for-bit accurate.
Thus far, AOpen has signed on to offer motherboards with Envy24PT audio, and VIA also has at least one board on the way to showcase the new chip. What's more, the Envy24PT is also pegged to enter the low-end sound card market, though specific products have yet to be announced.

The Envy24PT certainly has the potential to significantly surpass the quality of current integrated audio solutions, which are really only appropriate for use with low-end speakers. Personally, I can't wait for motherboards to start rolling in with good, or dare I say excellent, audio fidelity.

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