NVIDIA announces unified Linux driver

NVIDIA has announced a new unified driver for Linux that should give fans of the alternative operatings system something to cheer about. As far as I can tell, the new drivers are still closed source. That's sure to irk the open source community, but businesses and more mainstream Linux users probably won't mind in the least.

Businesses and consumers thinking about taking the Linux plunge should certainly be encouraged by the fact that all of NVIDIA's products are supported in the new unified driver. Here's a quick list of some of the supported features:

  • Full support for pixel and vertex shaders for NVIDIA desktop and workstation GPUs
  • Full support for OpenGL 1.4 with CineFX architecture and emulation mode for NVIDIA desktop and workstation GPUs
  • Multi-monitor support for NVIDIA desktop, workstation and mobile GPUs
  • Power management for hibernate and resume modes for NVIDIA mobile GPUs
  • Full hot key support for NVIDIA mobile GPUs
  • Full support for platform technologies provided by NVIDIA nForce platform processors, including FireWire┬«, audio, and networking capabilities
That sounds pretty complete to me. Businesses in particular should be pleased with the expanded multimonitor support, and the new drivers could make nForce2 a highly coveted Linux platform for PC enthusiasts.

Traditionally, NVIDIA's strength has been its drivers. With this new release, it looks like NVIDIA has raised the bar for Linux support. Let's hope others follow.

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