Email virus activity up in 2002

Though their accounts of the original report differ slightly, C|Net and New Scientist are both reporting that email virus activity has significantly increased over the past year.
Virus-scanning company MessageLabs said it stopped 9.3 million viruses in 2 billion e-mails this year, which equated to one virus in every 215 e-mails. That compares with 1.8 million viruses stopped in 718 million e-mails in 2001, or one virus in every 398 e-mails.
Depending on which article you read, email virus activity was either up 80 or 100% from last year. I suppose it doesn't really matter which figure you go by; both are alarming.

Will people ever learn that opening unexpected email attachments is a bad idea? Does virus-scanning or virus-throttling software have a chance, or will human error, misjudgment, and irresponsibility continue to undermine efforts to stop the spread of email viruses?

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