New version of Plus coming for Windows XP

Microsoft is readying a new addition to its Plus family of software that will bring expanded multimedia capabilities to owners of Windows XP:
The technology, called Microsoft Plus Digital Media Edition for Windows XP and part of the Microsoft Plus product line, is designed to give users of standard PCs more features for editing and playing with media files, without turning to entertainment-friendly Apple iMacs or upgrading to more expensive systems like Microsoft's own Media Center PC.
The new multimedia software isn't free, nor is it being bundled with Windows XP. Microsoft Plus Digital Media Edition will only be available as a download from Microsoft, and will sell for under $20.

Among mainstream users, this new version of Plus should be popular, especially if media editing catches on with Joe Sixpack. If Microsoft gives mainstream markets basic media editing software at a nominal price, could we be looking at the home PC's next killer app?

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