Broadband popularity grows by 70%

C|Net is reporting that the number of broadband subscribers in the US grew by 70% in the last year. What's particularly interesting is that the article, which references the FCC's biannual report on high-speed Internet access, claims that broadband is available to just about anyone that wants it:
The report suggests that broadband services are available to almost everyone who wants them, which could make it more difficult for Congress to pass a broadband-spending law when politicians return next month. "Our analysis indicates that 98 percent of the country's population lives in the 84 percent of zip codes where a provider reports having at least one high-speed service subscriber," the report says.
That the availability of high-speed connections is up is certainly good to see, but is having only one broadband provider in some areas good enough? Are you able to get the kind of broadband you want, for a reasonable price, where you live?
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