Sweeney: Let Microsoft be Microsoft

Everybody and his brother is taking a crack at analyzing the recent Microsoft-DOJ "findings of fact" ruling. One of the more interesting responses I've seen in a while is from Tim Sweeney, the principal architect of one of the best real-time 3D rendering engines around, the Unreal engine. Have a look at Avault's "Game Designers Respond to Microsoft Ruling" (which, by the way, pilfers a page from VE) for the full text of his response.

Mr. Sweeney is none too pleased about the judge's take on Microsoft's behavior:

In all the findings of fact, I never saw any attention paid to the necessity of expanding the OS to support the development of increasingly better programs. It was all about "Microsoft said this" and "Microsoft threatened to do that." That all makes for a nice soap opera, but the DoJ has no clue what it takes to develop good software, and if they doom the PC market by crippling the OS and all software development surrounding it, they will do tremendous damage to everything we have all worked so hard to create.

Hmmmm. Does the man have a point here?

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