MSI and Leadtek to have first GeForce FX cards

DigiTimes is reporting that Leadtek and MSI will have the first commercially-available GeForce FX cards. Cards will appear from the two manufacturers in late January at the earliest, and to ensure that there are plenty of cards on the market as early as possible, NVIDIA may offer some of its partners full graphics cards to re-brand and sell:
Meanwhile, due to limited chip samples, Nvidia is reportedly planning to offer finished graphics cards, possibly made by major manufacturers such as MSI, as chip samples to its other clients to speed up its new product distribution as well as lower clients’ initial production risks.
The article also suggests that GeForce FX graphics cards will require at least a 10-layer PCB, which many manufacturers may be unable to produce. If only a couple of players end up manufacturing GeForce FX graphics cards, there's sure to be less room for differentiation between brands. Graphics card companies may have to rely on software bundles, unique cooling contraptions, and other extra goodies to woo consumers to their brand of GeForce FX.
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