Where have the Pentium 4 chipset licenses gone?

This story over at DigiTimes should continue to fuel rumors that Intel may not license new technologies to third party chipset manufacturers like SiS and VIA. Apparently, SiS, VIA, and ALi are all without a license for Intel's upcoming 800MHz front side bus, and Hyper-Threading support isn't a sure thing, either:
For the new platform, though Intel did not ask clients not to manufacture products based on the Taiwanese-made chipsets, the chip giant has been reminding its customers during recent monthly meetings that the three Taiwanese chipset designers have not yet acquired licensing on its new technologies, motherboard sources said.
Today, I'd probably recommend Intel's 845PE chipset over the third party chipset competition, but that's not the point. Even with Intel leading the pack this time around, I still like seeing third party chipset manufacturers nipping at the chip giant's heels. Competition is a very good thing.

So is Intel getting a little too cocky, or even greedy here, or is there something else going on behind the scenes? VIA has been producing Pentium 4 chipsets without Intel's blessing for a while now; would others dare to join them?

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