VIA claims Intel's actions are uncompetitive

DigiTimes is reporting that VIA had a nice present waiting for Intel under the tree this Christmas:
Following its November 12 charge, VIA Technologies on December 24 filed another complaint against Intel with Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission (FTC), accusing the chip giant of unfair competition. According to sources, other companies, such as Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), may also join VIA as plaintiffs in the case.
What's VIA's beef? They claim that Intel's licensing requirements are unreasonable and that the company has engaged in uncompetitive activity. And, though the complaint was filed in Taiwan, VIA may bring similar complaints to the United States' attention.

Intel's been playing games with its Pentium 4 licenses of late, and though SiS has picked up a technology license to support Hyper-Threading Pentium 4 processors, Intel may not be so generous with its 800MHz front side bus. Alone, VIA faces a daunting task taking on Intel, but if companies like SiS and AMD line up beside them, Intel could have a rough legal battle ahead of them.

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