Search statistics reveal mainstream web use

There's an interesting little article over at C|Net that outlines some of the web search trends of the past year. While the fact that Natalie Portman has replaced Angelina Jolie as the most searched-for celebrity on the web is rather inconsequential, there's a more interesting trend that's developed over the last five years:
Five years ago, the top searches included phrases like "Star Trek" and "megahertz," said Michael Gartenberg, a Jupiter Research analyst. Now semiconductors are making room for Shakira.

"It certainly tracks the transformation of what was once primarily a clubhouse for techies and geek aficionados to something that is 100 percent mainstream," Gartenberg said. "Mr. Spock has been replaced with Britney."

It's great to see the web become a valuable resource for mainstream users, even if they're all searching for Britney. What's most encouraging, perhaps alarmingly so, is that "sex" continues to decline from its once dominant position as the top search term.
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