Apple planning summer end LCD iMac production?

DigiTimes is reporting that production of Apple's 17" LCD-based iMacs will end in June of this year. The 15" LCD-based iMac apparently hasn't been produced since October of this year, and on the whole, the iMacs haven't sold particularly well.
It is estimated that about 500,000 to 600,000 flat-panel iMacs were sold in 2002 following their introduction last January. The once highflying desktop computer, which created a buzz with its desk lamp-like look, is expected to sell another 300,000 to 400,000 units between now and June.
The iLamp was an interesting design exercise, but honestly, I'd think Macolytes would be far better off with one of Apple's iBooks.

Halting production of 17" iMacs this summer should hold Apple over until a new system based on an IBM or perhaps even AMD chip can be produced, but what will one of those new systems look like? Will the next iMac retain an all-in-one design, or be more modular to allow easier customization? Will it still look like a lamp, or will Apple come up with a new "revolutionary" form factor? Will the iMac mouse finally get a mouse wheel?

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