First SiS 655-based motherboard appears

AOpen has busted out the AX45-4D Max, the first SiS 655-based motherboard I've seen thus far. SiS' 655 north bridge supports dual channel DDR333, giving it an edge over Intel's Granite Bay chipset, which only supports dual channel DDR266 memory. The extra 1.2GB/s of memory bandwidth could make the SiS 655 the fastest Pentium 4 chipset around, but we'll have to wait for reviews to trickle onto the web to know for sure.

The AX45-4D Max itself has a particularly interesting layout; its DIMM pairs are mounted perpendicular to each other along two different edges of the PCB rather than sitting parallel. Whether other SiS 655-based motherboards will follow AOpen's unconventional DIMM layout remains to be seen.

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