Friday night topic: Products of the year?

Tonight we'll give you the chance to nominate your products of the year for 2002. We'll assemble these into some semblance of order in our Canadian sweatshop operation, and then we'll let you vote on 'em. We are looking for the best personal computing products of 2002, and I'd like to see you make your case for your choices. State your reasons clearly and concisely. One element of making that case will be addressing whether a product was available long enough to merit the award. For instance, I'm not sold on nForce2 as a contender for a 2002 award, because the product wasn't available terribly long.

You can argue for categories, too, but we'll be looking for something like the following: CPU, GPU, P4 chipset, Socket A chipset, P4 motherboard, Socket A motherboard, hard drive, sound card, memory. We might slip in a few different categories, like small form-factor PC, but I want to see the arguments in favor of (and against) doing so.


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