Transmeta introduces fanless Crusoe processors

C|Net has details on a new line of fanless Crusoe processors from Transmeta that are targeted at embedded applications.
The Crusoe SE line runs at 667MHz to 933MHz, faster than most ARM chips, but consume less power than competing Intel and AMD chips, thereby eliminating the need for internal cooling fans.
Though targeted at embedded applications like cash registers and industrial equipment, I can't help but wonder if fanless processors like the Crusoe SE wouldn't also be great for some mobile applications. I can picture slim, silent, fanless notebooks and Tablet PCs that wouldn't necessarily need more processing power than what a Crusoe can offer at 933MHz.

Transmeta's Crusoe processor hasn't been particularly successful since its introduction, but as it slowly becomes "fast enough" for most users, it could become a popular chip for mobile applications. If ultra-portable tablet and notebook PCs catch on in 2003, Transmeta could have a very good year.

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