Supplies of Celeron 1.7GHz tight

Despite their relatively poor performance, Intel's Celeron 1.7GHz is apparently in high demand. DigiTimes reports:
As demand for low-price PCs remains robust in some emerging markets like China, the popularity of the 1.7GHz Celeron processors has also continued rising, with tight product supply or even shortages being reported from time to time. Despite the strong demand, Intel has not seemed aggressive in increasing output to completely fulfill the orders.
By not increasing output of the Celeron 1.7GHz Intel is, of course, trying to move its customers to faster, more expensive chips. Apparently, it's not too worried about customers switching to processors at the low end of AMD's Athlon XP line. Even the slowest of Athlon XP processors should be price-competitive with the Celeron 1.7GHz, and the performance difference between the two isn't going to be insignificant. Heck, the Celeron 1.7GHz can't even keep up with a Duron 1.3GHz.

Dell's lack of AMD support aside, why aren't I seeing more AMD chips in low-end OEM systems? AMD can surely compete when it comes to performance and price, but it appears that Intel's name, reputation, and perhaps the MHz myth may be winning out in value markets.

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