Rambus gets new life in next PlayStation?

Intel may have all but abandoned Rambus on the desktop, but it looks like the oft-criticized memory technology may see action in the next PlayStation.
"Rambus is and will be the key player in the ultra high-speed interface technology," Ken Kutaragi, chief executive officer of Sony Computer Entertainment, said in a statement. "This enables us to create a wide range of applications and platforms, from high-end systems to digital consumer-electronics products within Sony Group."

The deal, which is expected to bring Rambus $28 million in revenue over the next 18 months, also in some ways marks the beginning of a new, or third, life for the controversial chip designer.

Rambus technology will apparently be used alongside the new "Cell" microprocessor being developed by IBM, Sony, and Toshiba. Currently, Rambus technology is used in Sony's PlayStation 2, so it's not particularly shocking that the popular game console's successor will carry on the tradition.
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