Lost Circuits tackles DDR II

Michael Schuette has whipped up an excellent article on DDR II, how it compares with DDR I, and just about everything else you need to PYAITK regarding the new memory technology.
DDR (I) is approaching the end of its dominating role in the desktop space to be replaced by the second generation of double data rate memory starting at 400 MHz and using a conventional 64/72 bit parallel bus interface. Lower operating voltage, new features like on-die termination, off-chip driver calibration, Posted CAS and variable write latency sound intriguing but what is really lurking behind the new standard. We have seen claims of up to 72% power savings over DDR I and other miracle cures for any bandwidth issues faced by the PC industry. We have done the math ourselves found a few convenient errors in some of the manufacturer's descriptions of DDR II. Otherwise, DDR II looks very promising but who will benefit in the end?
The article is technical read, but does provide some valuable insight into the challenges, particularly with latency, facing DDR II as it tries to replace current DDR I technology. Also of interest are comments on how differently Intel and AMD have approached emerging memory technologies. While AMD is apparently content to sit on the sidelines and adopt whatever memory technology is embraced by the market, Intel is more concerned with pushing its own agenda.
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