Small form factor market gets more players

It looks like consumers tempted by small form factor PCs are going to get a number of new choices in 2003. Currently, Shuttle has the most complete small form factor line, but it's been previously reported that Creative, ECS, Jetway, Soltek, and SOYO will offer "cubes" of their own in the New Year. Now, The Inquirer is reporting that Asustek, Gigabyte, and MSI have small form factor products ready to join the party.

While it's unclear whether many of 2003's new small form factor PCs will differ greatly from Shuttle's XPC line, competition should reduce the price premium on the cute little systems. At the very least, footprint-conscious consumers should have far more small form factor choices in the coming year. Hopefully, we'll see systems offering more robust overclocking options, wireless connectivity, and additional drive bays in the new batch.

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