More DeltaChrome details released

More information on S3's DeltaChrome graphics product has appeared on the web. Details are a little scarce, but it looks like the DirectX 9 chip will have eight rendering pipelines and feature a video processing engine that will enable Photoshop-like effects for real-time video playback. Here's a snippet from the official PR:
Highlights of the DeltaChrome display core include the V8 8-pixel pipeline 3D engine running at a blistering 2.4 Giga-pixels per second fill rate, hardware implementation of DirectX 9.0 and beyond (Pixel/Vertex shader 2.0+), Advanced Deferred Rendering™ and the powerful and flexible Chromotion programmable video engine with ingenious post processing capabilities. Also integrated into the DeltaChrome is the Hi-Def video encoder that can support up to 1080 lines of resolution in progressive mode.
With a deferred rendering scheme that apparently goes beyond simple Z-culling and an eye towards notebook applications, S3 could make a big splash in the graphics market in 2003. Do they have a chance in a crowding graphics market?
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