SiS announces 746FX north bridge

SiS has announced its 746FX north bridge, which offers AGP 8X and DDR400 support to AMD's Socket A processors. The north bridge doesn't support dual-channel memory, nor does it officially support front side bus speeds beyond 333MHz. That bus speed limit could indicate that AMD's plans for Barton no longer include a 400MHz front side bus. Considering the limited availability of low-latency DDR400 memory, sticking with a 333MHz bus for Barton might not be all that bad of an idea.

According to DigiTimes, the 746FX has forced VIA to reconsider its plans for the KT400A Socket A core logic chipset. The KT400A would only add official support for single-channel DDR400 memory, but VIA may be pressured into releasing the chipset to give it a check next to the "DDR400 support" box.

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