I apologize for the slow load times and occasional weirdness around here for the past couple of days. Our primary web server died just days before I was due to bring up our brand-new, super-bad replacement for it. We had to scramble to provide interim service while getting the new box online. We will have multiple servers in the care of our new colocation/hosting providers, Defender Hosting, so a server outage shouldn't cause such a degradation in service next time out.

On the bright side, our new web server is online and rolling now with a very, very phat pipe to the 'net, so you shouldn't have any problems bringing up pages around here now. We can serve gratuitously large images like this and this on a whim now. If you weren't able to load up my nForce2 cube review the other day, it should come up fine now. Please go have a look; I think the review (with the pictures) is worth it.

I'll be doing an article about building the new server soon, and I'll provide full specs then. Suffice to say it's a dual Athlon MP box with loads of RAM and a fast RAID array.

I want to take a second to thank the guys at Defender Hosting (new web site's under construction) for taking such good care of us and making sure we were able to bring up the new box as soon as possible. We had a number of problems getting the server going, none of them Defender Hosting's fault, and they went the extra mile to compensate for the problems. These guys are the real deal. Hooz at recommended them to us, and I can see why. If you need hosting, go check them out.

We have more good things around here coming soon, so stay tuned.

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