Ars Technica visits MacWorld

Ars Technica has posted up what may in fact be the only MacWorld article you'll need to read this year. Check it out.
My name is Jade and I am a Mac user, a switcher sitting on the fence contemplating ditching, standing at the train station waiting on a metaphor to bring me back to the faith, but the signs are not good. The rails disappear into the vanishing point. Mac users knowing not where they are going but along for the ride. A pickup truck full of Mexicans pauses on the tracks before an approaching train, like Mac users waiting for the next disappointment. There is an actual sign upon a wall, a pair of eyes above a star, the word: OBEY. We all do, with our wallets, gladly paying the 'Apple Tax' for crippled DDR and CPUs that scoff at Moore's Law. Why Mac? That is the question I needed to answer, beyond the obvious possibilities, like Mac users are stupid or gay or both, so I boarded the train north upon a pilgrimage to the city of wonders and chlorine trucks spraying the streets to prevent a cholera epidemic, San Francisco.
This is definitely not one of Ars' typically technical hardware articles, but I can virtually guarantee you'll chuckle at least a few times.
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