Holiday buying trends legitimize "desknotes"

ZDNet is reporting that notebook computers featuring desktop processors were the best selling notebooks of last year's holiday buying season:
By taking home large numbers of notebooks based on Intel Pentium 4 desktop processors over the holidays, consumers have legitimized a trend toward larger, more powerful notebooks that offer somewhat lower prices than more traditional laptops. Many industry observers had dismissed these so-called desknotes as a flash in the pan when they first appeared early last year.
Of course, desktop processors consume more power than notebook-specific chips, and in doing so, run down batteries and generate more heat than processors designed specifically for mobile applications. Mobile processors are more expensive, and apparently, more of today's consumers are sensitive to price than they are to battery life or size and weight.

The "desknote" notebooks mentioned in the article shouldn't be confused with ECS' line of DeskNote portables. ECS' DeskNotes do use desktop processors, but they lack internal batteries, which makes computing on the go more challenging.

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