Xbox Live selling well

— 1:14 PM on January 10, 2003

Despite the PlayStation 2's dominance of console sales, The Register is reporting that the Xbox Live is selling very well:

Xbox Live is dominating the early online gaming comparisons in the US, Microsoft proclaims. Since the service launched on November 15, 250,000 starter kits have been sold - double Microdsoft's original stated expectations.

This is great news for Microsoft, whose investment in Xbox Live will run into the billions. In further good news, MS claims that each gamer is totting up an average of 2.5 hours of gameplay per day.

The article also mentions that sales of the Xbox Live kit, which only works with broadband connections, are 86% higher than Sony's PlayStation 2 networking kit. The PlayStation 2's networking kit features a modem that supports dial-up Internet connections, but that extra flexibility doesn't seem to have attracted buyers.

Can the popularity of the Xbox Live service help its console sales surpass the PlayStation 2, or will Sony's overwhelming game library win out in the end?

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