Sound card round-up updated

Based on new information from Hercules, we've updated our recent sound card round-up. It turns out that the Gamesurround Fortissimo III and Digifire 7.1's audio chips are indeed capable of sampling 48kHz audio, rather than the 44.1kHz originally stated in the review. The maximum resolution of the audio chips was confirmed by Hercules' engineers as being 16-bit. Our article also stated that the cards' 7.1 audio channels are managed by a combination of hardware and software decoding. In fact, the only time software rendering is used is with Sensaura. Hercules didn't elaborate on just how they've managed to squeeze 7.1 channel decoding out of a 5.1 channel audio chip, but even when Sensaura software rendering is used, all channel redirection is performed on the DSP.
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