Reebok geeks up an exercise bike

I noticed a link to Reebok's CyberRider over at Slashdot that piqued my interest. The CyberRider is essentially an exercise bike that you plug into your PC or PlayStation to make indoor workouts a little more entertaining.
The CyberRider is the ultimate incentive to start exercising. It’s a state-of-the-art fitness bike which has an interface connection for a PC or PlayStation games consoles – your heart will beat faster from both the exercise and from the thrill of the game. Games are navigated with the rider’s own body power and handlebar controls for jumping, bracing and changing gear. Sensors on the bike’s flywheel transmit the amount of effort directly to the computer game. The faster the bike is pedalled the faster the car, bike, boat or motorcycle travels – a unique way of combining a serious workout with a thrilling gaming experience. Partial self assembly required.
I ride my road bike a fair bit indoors during the winter, either on a set of rollers or a trainer, and the monotony is almost enough to drive me insane. TV is only so entertaining, and personally, I'd love to have a more interactive option. A little friendly online competition would certainly be fun, even if it's only Tron.

At the very least, adding gaming to workout equipment could make keeping a New Year's resolution to exercise more a little easier to swallow. Remember, a poor performance can always be blamed on lag.

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