You've probably noticed the BFG Tech GeForce FX pre-order ads around here. BFG Tech is running a pre-order promotion where you get a bundle of goodies right away, then you get your GeForce FX card delivered as soon as possible, probably a few days before the cards are available on retail. Of course, what you're doing by preordering is essentially reserving one of the first GFFX cards for yourself. Your credit card doesn't get charged until the board ships, so you're not out the cash until you get the goods. (We've been hearing late February/early March for GFFX availability from card manufacturers.)

The Asylum 128MB GeForce FX cards cost $399, and that price includes free overnight delivery once boards become available, so you can be the first kid on the block to ogle the Dawn demo for real. The pre-order bundle of goodies includes a swanky BFG Tech shirt and coupons worth over a hundred bucks from companies like Altec Lansing, Logitech, and Seagate. If you're planning on buying a GeForce FX card, you can support TR by clicking one of the ads and reserving yours now.

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