Intel accelerates 0.09-micron plans

— 12:26 PM on January 15, 2003

Yesterday, Intel announced some better than expected financial results for the fourth quarter of 2003, and cuts to capital spending that could see it spending up to $1 billion less this year. Despite the cuts, Intel is pushing forward with its 0.09-micron process technology.

But now, the company has provided more guidance on its roadmap. “Our plan is to qualify our 90-nm process in mid-2003,” said Paul Otellini, president and chief operating officer of Intel. “We have also completed the designs of Prescott and Dothan,” he said during a conference call with analysts here today.
Dothan is a notebook chip and Prescott will be Intel's next big desktop processor. Prescott is slated to appear in the second half of this year, which will pit it against IBM's PowerPC 970 and AMD's Hammer, both of which are 64-bit processors. A 0.09-micron Prescott should let Intel ramp clock speeds way up, but clock speed alone may not be enough to win the performance or marketing war against 64-bit competition.
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