DigiTimes claims 20,000 Hammers available in March

DigiTimes is claiming that AMD will have 20,000 Hammer processors to sell in March, and some 300,000 processors available in the second quarter of this year. Considering how long the fanboys have waited, I would expect initial demand for the new 64-bit chips to be insatiable, which could encourage high prices for resellers and retailers lucky enough to get their hands on a few processors.

Perhaps even more interesting about the DigiTimes article is a table listing some of the features and specifications of announced Hammer chipsets from VIA, SiS, and ALi. As The Inquirer points out, information on NVIDIA's upcoming hammer chipset is oddly missing from DigiTimes' nifty chipset comparison chart. NVIDIA surely has a Hammer chipset in the works, and I'm sure some of you have conspiracy theories that explain why the chipset's specs haven't been sniffed out.

What strikes me the most about the Hammer chipset feature information available at DigiTimes is that none of the chipsets appear to have native Serial ATA support. Chipset manufacturers may have expected Hammer out much earlier, and designed their chipsets around last year's south bridge features and technology accordingly.

Hammer enthusiasts may have to opt for third party Serial ATA products, or rely on motherboard manufacturers to include integrated Serial ATA solutions until the second round of Hammer chipsets is released. Perhaps NVIDIA has used AMD's Hammer delays to retool its chipset to include newer features that many enthusiasts will be expecting.

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