Mobile DeltaChrome graphics chip announced

Today, S3 officially announced a mobile version of its upcoming DeltaChrome graphics processor. Check it out:
Fremont, California, 16 January 2003 - S3 Graphics Inc., a leading supplier to the 3D graphics accelerator market, today announced the ultimate in graphics subsystem processors for commercial and consumer notebook markets, the DeltaChromeX9m™ mobile graphics processor. Incorporating the latest hardware for full support of Microsoft’s® DX9 initiative and the industry’s most powerful 8 pixel pipeline graphics core, DeltaChromeX9m will deliver the world’s most compelling graphics experience for the mobile user.


“DeltaChromeX9m marks a new paradigm for mobile graphics processors. It not only has the highest performance DX9 3D engine, it will offer incomparable video quality and incredibly low power that notebook customers are looking for today. Quite simply, DeltaChromeX9m is the epitome in mobile graphics processors,” commented Dr. Gerry Liu, Vice President of Marketing at S3 Graphics Inc.

The DeltaChromeX9m is the first DirectX 9-compliant mobile graphics processor to be announced, which is a bit of a coup for S3. However, there's no word on when this product will actually make it to market, and the desktop version of the chip has also yet to surface.

S3' press release, which is currently unavailable on the web, references the same 2.4 gigapixel per second fill rate and 8-pipeline design that has been claimed for the desktop DeltaChrome graphics processor. Could S3 be clocking mobile and desktop versions of the DeltaChrome at the same speed? If so, the mobile DeltaChrome could take the lead in mobile graphics performance. You can read more about S3's DeltaChrome here.

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