Shuttle prepares XPC frenzy for 2003

DigiTimes is reporting that Shuttle plans to introduce a new XPC small form factor barebones system every two months this year, which means we'll have plenty of new cubes to check out.
By launching a new model every two months, Shuttle is confident that it will secure its lead in mini-barebone systems this year amid growing competition from rivals and expects half of its full-year revenues to come from its XPC product line.
According to the article, Shuttle's next cube will be based on Intel's Springdale-G chipset, and will be released in April. April is more than two months off, which makes me wonder if Shuttle has anything new to release between now and then that they're trying to keep a secret.

Apparently, Shuttle is also considering using Intel's mobile-targeted Centrino platform, which will include the new Banias notebook processor. Notebooks featuring cheaper desktop processors have become increasingly popular over the last year because they can be much cheaper than notebooks featuring mobile processors. I wonder: could notebook technologies like Centrino become viable small form factor platforms because of their lower power consumption and potential to run cooler and quieter than equivalent desktop processors?

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