ZDNet smacks down Win2K

— 1:53 AM on February 15, 2000

That was my take on it, anyway, after looking at several articles they've posted recently. First there's Did Windows 2000 miss the revolution?, an article which is mostly doom and gloom about how Windows 2000 is getting smacked around on a variety of fronts by various forms of Unix, especially Linux of course. There's also a discussion on how Windows CE is getting smacked around by both Linux and the Palm OS. My personal favorite is an illustration at the top showing a turtle with a Windows 2000 box on its back, contrasted with a rabbit with the word "Linux" tattooed on its ass.

Although the article seems like a MS bash-fest, its points are well-reasoned and well-made. It seems that, early adopters aside, Windows 2000 has an uphill battle for acceptance on its hands.

But wait, there's more! Take a look at this article based on a leaked Microsoft memo that claims that Windows 2000 has "over 63,000 known defects." Ouch. MS can't be too happy that that one got leaked three days before the release party.

As if that weren't enough, here's another article discussing how most companies are decidedly reserved in their Windows 2000 migration plans. It features commentary from analysts, as well as Michael Dell; both predict that adoption of the new OS will be slow. There's also a bit in there about a big Active Directory bug, though that comes from Novell, so take it with a 50 lb. bag of salt.

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