VIA bullish about 2003 processor prospects

This story over at DigiTimes suggests that VIA is actually bullish about its processor prospects in 2003. This year, VIA will push low-cost processors with low power consumption in an attempt to capture a larger chunk of growing mobile and appliance markets. Apparently, VIA will also unveil a new processor this year:
VIA would not disclose further details about the upcoming Antar line, but sources speculated that the processors would feature clock speeds starting from 900MHz. The processors will target the notebook and mobile device markets and directly confront Intel’s Centrino (formerly codenamed Banias) products. The Antar processors reportedly will cost two-thirds less than comparable Centrino processors and require only 10W of power, compared to 16W for Centrino processors.
VIA may not be able to compete with AMD and Intel's fastest desktop processors when it comes to overall system performance, but processor speed may matter less as even budget chips like the Antar become "fast enough" for the application demands of mainstream users and even enthusiasts looking to build up secondary machines. If VIA can integrate its Envy24 audio into a small form factor platform with a C3 or Antar processor, they'll have an impressive platform for media-centric PCs.
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