Sony to cease producing small CRTs

It looks like Sony will be phasing out its 17 and 19" CRT monitors and tubes:
Sony officials said the company will quietly phase out all of its 17-inch and 19-inch CRT monitors by March 31, part of the industry's shift away from CRTs to LCD panels.

Fans of the popular Sony Trinitron line of monitors and its related aperture-grill technology will be forced instead to purchase Sony's 21-inch and 24-inch CRT displays, which Sony officials said they will continue to produce.

Sony has also decided to phase out its 17-inch and 19-inch tube business, meaning OEM-branded Trinitron monitors in those categories will also cease production. Rival NEC-Mitusbishi said it had no plans to phase out any CRT products, however.

Sony may be jumping the gun on LCDs a little, but at least they're going to keep producing 21 and 24" CRT products. Those larger screens should keep graphics professionals and finicky enthusiasts happy for the time being, but I have to wonder how long it will be before alternative display technologies can beat a high-end CRT across the board.

While current LCD technology's limitations may prevent graphics professionals from ditching their trusty CRTs, mainstream home and business users might not see 25ms pixel response times and less than perfect color replication as big issues. That LCDs have a dramatically smaller footprint, lower power consumption, incredible text clarity, and undeniable sex appeal may be enough to make mainstream consumers forget the fact that they're paying more for less screen real estate.

My text clarity fetish makes it unlikely that I'll ever go back to a CRT on my main workstation. If you haven't made the switch already, what would it take for you to ditch your trusty CRT in favor of an LCD?

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