Microsoft releases new SQL patch installer

One of the reasons the "SQL Slammer" worm has been so successful is the fact that the process for patching SQL Server systems is apparently rather cumbersome. To ease the process, Microsoft has just issued a new patch installer. (I know this because I received a total of 16 e-mail alerts about it via my single subscription to the MS security list. I guess they're being thorough.) Here's the deal:
The re-release has been packaged with a new SQL Server patch installer. The installer eliminates the need for system administrators to copy SQL Server files onto their systems manually. The only changes that Microsoft has made to this patch were to incorporate the hotfix discussed in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 317748 into the re-released patch and to package the patch with an installer.
If you're a SQL Server admin and you haven't installed the patch yet, there's no time like the present.
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