VIA announces True24 initiative

VIA has unveiled its True24 initiative for PC audio, which aims to accomplish the following:
a) Promote hi-end audio solutions for the PC platform with 24-bit standards as key element
b) Educate consumers about hi-end PC Audio
c) Establish clear standard for 24-bit performance
A major part of the initiative also seems to be ensuring that "true" 24-bit audio solutions have 24-bit precision across all components, including DACs and ADCs. Ideally, the initiative will encourage audio card manufacturers to be more forthcoming with the specifications of their audio products, which should make comparative sound card shopping a little easier for consumers.

Though VIA's initiative pushes the need for 24-bit audio for home entertainment PCs, there's no specific mention of an Envy-powered, True24-compatible version of VIA's small form factor EPIA motherboard. For now, it looks like audio enthusiasts will have to live with PCI cards to get their 24-bit groove on.

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