Linux security myth challenged

Information Week is running an interesting article debunking the commonly held belief that Linux is vastly superior, from a security standpoint, to Windows:
But, as much as the partisans wish it were so, open sourcing isn't a magic solution to the problems of bugs and security issues. As Linux and other open-source software grow in popularity and extend into a fragmented, uncontrolled mass marketplace, they will inevitably have their own full share of bugs and security problems, same as with any other software.
I'm sure Slashdot regulars will feel an immediate urge to start flaming, but it's probably a good idea to read through the entire article before posting a comment. The author makes a number of good arguments for there being just as many Linux bugs and security holes in Linux as there are in Windows, and explains why Linux bugs aren't necessarily going to get patched any faster as the open source operating system's popularity increases.

Of course, anyone that got hit with the SQL Slammer worm this weekend may have a different opinion.

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