Apple updates Power Macs

Apple has tweaked its Power Mac G4 line, bringing dual 1.42GHz processors to the table along with price cuts that should make the workstation a little more attractive. At the extreme high-end, you can pick up a dual G4 1.42GHz Power Mac with a GeForce4 Titanium graphics card and 2GB of PC2700 DDR SDRAM for a cool $3,799. That's about $700 more expensive than a similarly-equipped dual Athlon MP 2200+ system from even a pricey OEM like Alienware. Still, it's encouraging to see Apple cut prices on their workstation line, especially since the price of mid-range systems have dropped as well.

TR reader Jim Vaughn points out that Apple has also slashed the price of its 23" Cinema HD display from $3499 to $1999, and also introduced a 20.1" Cinema Display for only $1299. These new LCD prices make Apple's Cinema Display screens quite competitive with LCDs from Sony, Dell, and others. With Apple cutting the 23" Cinema's price almost in half, one could almost afford two. How's that for a dualhead setup?

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