Lindows targets multimedia PCs

Low-end Wal Mart PCs apparently aren't enough for Lindows, now it looks like they're getting into multimedia PCs:
The goal is to offer a low-cost PC that can take the place of several home entertainment appliances, Lindows CEO Michael Robertson said in a statement. "For under $350 retail, consumers can have a DVD player, CD player and personal computer in every room of the house or office," he said.
For now, the Lindows-powered multimedia PCs will use VIA's Eden platform, which should be more than adequate for multimedia playback.

Maybe this is the geek in me talking, but I can't help but wonder if inexpensive multimedia PCs could take a big slice of the home theater market. If you aren't already, what would it take for you to start driving all your multimedia playback with a PC rather than traditional home theater or stereo components?

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