Rambus fraud verdict thrown out

Bloomberg is reporting that last year's Rambus fraud verdict has been successfully appealed. Read it and weep:
Washington, Jan. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Rambus Inc. shares rose as much as 51 percent after a U.S. appeals court threw out a jury's finding that the computer memory-chip designer committed fraud while pursuing patents for high-speed chips that became an industry standard.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit also revived Rambus's patent-infringement claim against Infineon Technologies AG. Today's ruling might help Rambus fight off a fraud complaint filed in June by the Federal Trade Commission.

The ruling boosts efforts by Rambus, which licenses its technology to chipmakers, to seek as much as $840 million in patent royalties from semiconductor companies such as Infineon on dynamic random access memory chips, analysts said.

I'm speechless.
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