Gainward to offer quieter GeForce FX?

The Inquirer is reporting that Gainward will be offering a typically awkwardly-named, but otherwise near-silent GeForce FX:
Gainward engineers in Taiwan, before they get their deserved week of vacation for Chinese New year, have been busy to making a low noise cooling solution. They were able to reduce the cooling system noise to only 7dbs. They claim the rest of the Nvidia reference design cards could be as high as 70db that is "the same level as a domestic vacuum cleaner". We don’t need to say more.
Gainward will apparently bundle this whisper of a graphics card with a Firewire and 5.1-channel sound card. How's that for a bundle?

Like other manufacturers, Gainward will be using a reference board design for its GeForce FX products, but a silent cooling system and hardware-packed bundle should easily differentiate the product from its Dustbuster-equipped competition. Abit, whose OTES cooling looks suspiciously like NVIDIA's reference cooler for the GeForce FX, is also working on a quieter GeForce FX. While there's no word on when these quieter GeForce FX cards will arrive, it's at least comforting to know that they're coming.

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