Real World Tech examines 64-bit processor options

Real World Technologies is running a great article on the current 64-bit processor landscape. The article goes beyond AMD and Intel's often-discussed Opteron and Itanium lines and delves into the rest of the 64-bit landscape, which includes processors from IBM, SGI, Sun, and even HP's Alpha. This summary of IBM's 64-bit position is particularly interesting:
IBM is in the enviable position of being able to place a bet on every contender in the 64 bit horse race. It has an entry of its own, PowerPC, as well as a long standing public commitment to IA64 soon to be realized in a line of mid range servers. It is rumored that it will also be the first major OEM to support x86-64. These rumors are fueled largely by speculation based on IBM’s early port of DB2 to x86-64, and its recently announced joint process technology development agreement with AMD. However big blue is not the monolith of old and its separate divisions are independent business units responsible for their own bottom line. But IBM’s existing architectural diversity suggests it doesn’t value a unified platform strategy nearly as much as other OEMs and would strongly consider testing market interest in x86-64 with re-badged entry level Opteron gear sourced from Newisys.
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