AMD announces Athlon MP 2600+

AMD has announced the latest addition to its Athlon MP line, the Athlon MP 2600+. Here's a snippet from the official press release:
SUNNYVALE, CA -- February 4, 2003 --AMD (NYSE: AMD) today introduced the AMD Athlon™ MP processor 2600+, the newest in its line of multiprocessors for servers and workstations that run mission-critical business applications. The AMD Athlon MP processor 2600+ joins the AMD processor lineup as the company’s highest performance multiprocessor.
The Athlon MP 2600+ is not based on the upcoming Barton core, so it doesn't offer much more than a 200-point PR boost over the existing Athlon MP 2400+. Much to my dismay, AMD isn't announcing any plans to update their 760MPX chipset to at least support a 166MHz front side bus, so the Athlon MP 2600+ will cling to a 133MHz front side bus and single-channel DDR266 for the foreseeable future.

AMD's press release claims that machines based on the Athlon MP 2600+ will be available immediately from almost 50 different systems builders, but the availability of individual boxed and OEM chips isn't looking nearly as good at the moment. So far, only two vendors are listing the Athlon MP 2600+ on Pricewatch, with one claiming that it won't have the processors until February 17th. The chip's ~$300 price tag certainly looks tempting, but after Barton reviews hit the web on the 10th, I can't help but wonder if Athlon MP fans will pass on the 2600+ and hold out for an Athlon MP based the cache-rich Barton core.

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