Rumor: NV30's days numbered?

This one can be filed under "wild and unsubstantiated," but it's worth mentioning that there's a rumor circulating that NVIDIA has told TSMC to produce only 100,000 NV30 chips. NVIDIA will apparently concentrate on NV31, 34, and 35, which will hopefully be available in the spring/summer timeframe.

Honestly, I wonder if maybe NVIDIA doesn't think it can sell more than 100,000 NV30s with quieter and cheaper Radeon 9700 Pros that are almost as fast. NV30's successor should arrive before Doom 3, I'd hope, so maybe halting NV30 production after 100,000 units wouldn't be such a bad idea; especially not if its successor will lose the Dustbuster and be better equipped to take on ATI's upcoming R350.

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