Well, Geoff is off traveling to far-away lands for the rest of the week on a super-secret mission. Meanwhile, I'm slaving away in Damage Labs on a not-so-secret CPU review for next week, creating mind-bending new types of graphs just to make your head hurt. Andy is doing nefarious, not-recommended-by-the-manufacturer things to a Pentium 4, as well. We'll both be taking breaks from our evil schemes to keep the news up to date as we can this week. However, with Chinese New Year in full swing, at least some sorts of PC/hardware news are very slow. Of course, there's always Ronald's crisp, tasty Shortbread to keep us going.

Have you guys checked out this Animatrix thing yet? (There's a mirror at FileShack.) I haven't had a chance yet, but it sounds like fun.

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