Dr. Damage asks: What's with CD-R disc colors?

Rick writes inquisitively:

I follow your site every day and really enjoy it. I would like some information about CD-R Disks. I see advertisements that claim their disks are "8X Certified" and other claims.

The question is .... Does it make any difference what color the disk is ? There are gold disks, silver on silver disks, silver/blue disks, silver/green disks, and so forth. Is there a method to this madness? Or is it simply that the color doesn't matter and that all disks are 8X certified. Please provide some insight/guidance.... Please. I'm sure I am not the only reader who is perplexed by this issue."

Darned good question. I'd best throw this one open for the crowd to help answer. I do know that if you're planning to burn audio CDs for playback in a regular old audio CD player, you're probably best off with the silver-on-silver discs. Beyond that, I'm curious to see what other folks have to say about this one. Any takers?
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